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Convert iTunes movies into a format for Google Nexus 7 playback with quality lossless



Pavtube ChewTune is a new tool developed that help you backup, copy and convert purchased digital movie for playback on various devices.
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Most iTunes movies, TV shows are copyright protected .M4V files that used by Apple iTunes and may have "Fairplay" protection on them, preventing them from playing on non-apple devices. It's clear that we can't stream such iTunes M4V video files to Google Nexus 7 for playback directly. But, if we convert iTunes downloaded movies into a format compatible with Google Nexus 7. Then, we can easily make it.


Pavtube ChewTune can help you. It's designed for users to convert music/movies purchased through online stores, e.g. iTunes, Amazon, WB Digital Copy, Blockbuster etc. It supports a wide range of video formats as output. Since we have decided to convert iTunes into a format, it's really important for us to choose a suitable format for Google Nexus 7. Meanwhile, the video parameters also affect the video quality to a large extent.


It seems complex. But with this iTunes to Google Nexus 7 converter, you can easily get the best video quality. What you need to do is installing a Patch for this iTunes converter. From where, you can easily find the Google Nexus 7 preset. Here is a tutorial on how to transcode iTunes movies to Google Nexus 7.


1. In advance, you need to set iTunes not to remember position. Here is the way to go: Launch iTunes, and switch to “Movies” under LIBRARY. Select the videos you’d like to convert, right click to select Get Info -> Options -> Remember position -> No -> OK.


2. Download and install the iTunes to Android converter on your computer, here please also install the Patch.


3. Open the program, click on “Add” button to browse to iTunes library movie folder. Choose the movie you need to convert.



4. Choose Google Nexus 7 profile. Click on " Format > Android > Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (*.mp4) ".



5. Start converting iTunes to mp4 for Google Nexus 7 by clicking on "Convert".


The conversion will take some time, now, you may leave the computer doing the work. Once it's done, transfer the converted movie file to Google Nexus 7. After that, you can watch iTunes movies on Google Nexus 7 as you like.

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