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Copy DRM protected iTunes M4V to Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9



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Here’re a few notes regarding converting iTunes M4V with the best iTunes M4V Converter.

i. The iTunes TV shows and movies are protected .m4v videos that play in iTunes, QT and iOS devices.

ii. To get DRM protected iTunes M4V to Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9 for playback, you need a DRM removal tool that convert protected .m4v to H.264 .mp4.

iii. Only those authorized movies and TV shows (what you have bought from iTunes store) can be converted for Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9, otherwise you can’t convert them.

iv. For Windows and Mac users, you can use Pavtube ChewTune or Pavtube ChewTune for Mac to convert iTunes M4V movies redeemed in iTunes videos.


Kindle Fire HD


Download links for the useful iTunes M4V converter.

Pavtube ChewTune for Windows

Pavtube ChewTune for Mac


Steps to convert iTunes M4V movies redeemed/ downloaded in iTunes to Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9 on either Windows or Mac


Step 1. Launch the iTunes M4V converter for Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9, make sure that your iTunes is already closed completely, and import as many iTunes M4V movies downloaded with iTunes as you like.


DRM Video Converter


Step 2. Choose the right output format in Format box. Click “Format” bar and select “Android>>Amazon Kindle Fire H.264 (*.mp4)” format, which is recommended for faster conversion and best movie effect.


Kindle Fire HD Preset


Optional Custom settings

If you are using Windows, it’s recommended that you download and install the Profile Patch (Windows Only), since you can get more preset for new released tablets like Google Nexus 10 and Kindle Fire HD 7, Kindle Fire HD 8.9.


And on Mac, you can choose Amazon Kindle Fire H.264 (*.mp4) format, and click Settings button to set the parameters as recommended below:


For Kindle Fire HD 7:

Size: 1280*800

Bitrate: 1500

Frame rate: 25


For Kindle Fire HD 8.9:

Size: 1920*1200

Bitrate: 2000 to 4000

Frame rate: 25


Please note, if you’d like to get better output video quality, you can set higher video bitrate. But the higher video bitrate you choose, the bigger output file size you will get, and the conversion speed will be slower. And it’s highly recommended that you not to set the video bitrate higher than 4000kbps or set the frame rate at 30. You may get problems playing the video on your tablet if doing so.


Step 3. After the settings, you can click Convert button to start converting the iTunes M4V movies to Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9. The imported iTunes M4V movies will be converted in batch with the same output format.


Step 4. After conversion, you can click “Open” button to find the transfer the iTunes M4V movies to Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9.


Your Blu-ray and DVDs that do come with a digital copy can also be ripped onto Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9. See how to get Blu-ray on your Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9.  

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