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DVD Ripper

Support full disc copy and main movie backup. Fast rip DVD disc to MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV, etc for iPad, iPhone 4, Droid X, Nexus S, Galaxy Tab, Apple TV, HTC EVO 4G, YouTube, PS3, Xbox 360 based on the NVIDIA CUDA acceleration technology.
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* What are the differences between the trial version and the full version of Foxreal DVD Ripper?
A: Both versions have the same function, but the company logo "Foxreal" will appear in the central of the ripped video file if you are using the trial version. To avoid the watermark problem, you should purchase its full version.


* I purchased your DVD Ripper, but there is no space to enter the key code.
A: Please first uninstall the trial version of the software from your computer and click the download link after signing in the page:, you can directly contact us to get the full version download link via the email


* I want to know the differences between Full Disc Copy and Directly Copy in your program.
A: The Full Disc Copy function allows you to make a full copy (1:1) from DVDs with its original structures on PC while the Directly Copy mainly helps you backup or copy the major content of DVD files to the hard drive with selected chapters or titles.


* How to remove "Foxreal" logo from my ripped DVD files?
A: If you have purchsed the full version of Foxreal DVD Ripper, just go to the page to download the software again for have a try:
If you are just trying the software, please purchase the full version here:


* Is it possible to use the software on my new Mac machine?
A: I’m afriad not. The DVD Ripper can only work on windows machines. But there is another alternative version for Mac users – Foxreal DVD Ripper for Mac, you can purchase it here:


* How to cut off unwanted from my DVD video files?
A: Specify the DVD file you want to crop and click on the Video Editor icon. Then, click on " Crop" tab to help you cut off the unwanted parts from your DVD video.


* I want to combine multiple DVD video clips into only one for smooth playback.
A: It is easy. Just choose all the DVD chapters you want to join and check " Merge into one file" to realize it.

* I have tons of DVD videos and want to rip at the same time. Is it possible?
A: Currently it only supports batch converting multiple videos from the same source DVD, IFO, or ISO file. You can tick all the imported DVD video files you want to convert and then click on "Convert" to start the batch conversion at once.And now only Foxreal Blu-ray Converter Ultimate and Foxreal iMedia Converter (for Mac) supports import and batch convert multiple DVDs and IFO/ISO source files at one time.


* How to copy and play DVD movies on my portable devices?
A: Just load your DVD, DVD folder or IFO/ISO files into this program to rip them to playable format on your iPad, iPhone 4, Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Droid X, Archos 7/8 home tablet, HTC EVO 4G, Apple TV or more.


* How to customize output setting before conversion?
A: Just click on " Settings"to profile window where you could easily adjust video or audio parameters, like bitrate, frame rate, codec, sample rate, channles, etc.


* Why is the output file so big and why does it take so much time for the conversion?
A: Actually it has something to do with several factors: source file types, the output profile settings and the computer environment, etc. Generally the higher bitrate and frame rate, the higher quality but the larger file size and the longer it will take. Also the faster the processor, the faster the conversion speed.


* Does graphic card have anything to do with reading and conversion of HD files?
A: Yes. If your Graphic card is Nvidia, you can experience the 5 times faster CUDA accelerating. For Laptop users, you may have trouble getting Foxreal software to read and convert HD files, or DVD/BD if your video card is set to standard instead of hi performance to reduce battery drain. The software will work fine after changing the settings.

How you change settings of your video card:
Step 1: Right click empty area of desktop.
Step 2: Select preferred graphics processor for  graphics card (Nvidia or others).
Step 3 Enable high performance instead of standard then apply new settings.


* How to speed up conversion?
A: The converting speed has something to do with several factors:
(1) Computer configuration: the processor, the graphics card. The faster the processor, the faster the conversion speed. Also a CUDA-enabled graphics card would be of benefit for the conversion.
(2) Computer environment: if there are other programs running while converting, the conversion efficiency would be affected.
(3) The original file properties: length and size, format and codec, etc.
(4) The output settings. The higher bitrate and frame rate, the higher quality but the larger file size and the longer time it will take.


* If you intend to do something else while converting and find the program too memory consuming?
A: If in this case, you can try to change the priority. Bring up the Windows Task Manager and select the program in Process, right click on it and set the priority to BelowNormal. Everything will be fine. You can have a try. But you should know, if you do this, the converting time will be longer since you lower the performance of the program.


* How to cut off black bars or edges from my videos?
A: Click the Edit icon to open the Editor panel. Just choose the Crop tab and drag the green frame on the video screen of the original window to cut off those unwanted parts to make it.
Check Keep Original Aspect Ratio for the edited video if you need.


Q: My computer has a NVDIA Graphics Card which supports GPU en-decoding acceleration. How do you know if it is enabled? And when CUDA is on or off?
A: With a NVDIA Graphics Card that supports GPU en-decoding acceleration and H.264 output settings, you can enjoy 5 times faster conversion speed.
The CUDA button will be grayed when oursoftware fails to detect a satisfactory NVIDIA graphics card.
And the following pictures show when CUDA is denied, on or off:




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