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HTC Windows Phone 8X review: Watch HD videos and movies on HTC Windows Phone 8X

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HTC's Windows Phone 8X makes a compelling argument for dissatisfied Android and iOS owners to switch to the Windows Phone OS. Its edgy design joins forces with a top-of-the-line processor, LTE speeds, and great call quality. If you’re a big movie fan, one big concerning is the multimedia part - how does it work with HD videos and music? We tried the phone out and put it into the below short review of HTC Windows Phone 8X in terms of media player and HD contents playback. Hope it helps you!

 HTC Phone 8X

Player: HTC Windows Phone 8X as a music and video player

You might have heard that Windows 8 won't come with Media Center, but that's not the only missing multimedia piece of the puzzle. Your HTC Windows Phone 8X, in the same way, dos not have Windows Media Player or Media Center. Instead, you get a standard Microsoft Windows Phone music app which is very beautiful and is now called 'Music + Video'.  The actual music player is easy enough to use, putting the ill-fated Zune heritage to bed for good.


We streamed some tracks and it all worked well enough. If you have an X-Box Music Pass, you can go to town on the music on your HTC 8X and really enjoy some streaming action, a'la Spotify. Xbox Music Pass gives you access to millions of songs that you can stream from the cloud, and you don't even need to store music on your phone. There’re also tons of third-party media players available from the Windows store.


Codec: What kinds of music and video files can I play on HTC Windows Phone 8X?

The music app on your phone supports a number of popular audio and video file formats, such as MP3, MPEG-4, Windows Media Audio (WMA), and Windows Media Video (WMV).


Media files are typically compressed and decompressed using software called a codec. By default, your phone can play music and videos that have been compressed with the following codecs and that are stored in the following file containers (typically identified by their file name extensions).







Only unprotected (non-fair DRM) files are supported.


MP4, M4V





MPEG-4 Part 2

MP4, M4V




All variations except for WMA Lossless are supported.

WMV (VC-1)




Third-party app Pavtube Video Converter is required if you want to watch unsupported format on HTC Windows Phone 8X. The short guide below shows how it works for your need.


Encoding MKV, AVI, MOV, MPG, VOB, MTS etc for HTC Windows Phone 8X  

1. Drag and drop source HD videos and movies to the Pavtube Video Converter.


HTC Phone 8X Video Converter


2. Click on “Format” menu, and you can easily choose “Windows”> “Windows Phone 8 H.264 Video(*.mp4)” as output format.

3. Click on the big “Convert” button to get the app converting MKV, AVI, MOV, MPG, VOB, MTS etc to 720p MP4 that is optimized for Windows Phone 8.

4. Click “Open” to find converted MP4 video when conversion completes, and transfer the videos to HTC Windows Phone 8X from PC.


Tip: It is also possible to put DVD to Windows Phone 8 if you get the right app.


Connection: is it easy to copy files between HTC Windows Phone 8X and your computer?

Using Windows 7, we connected the HTC Windows Phone 8X and after several minutes of pontificating, it told us what we wanted to hear: That it had detected a HTC 8X phone and encouraged us to download the software suite to connect to it.


We then tried it on a Windows XP machine – that did work and we were able to transfer files via drag and drop. But that's hardly ideal.


The problem is that we couldn't connect it with a Mac. HTC – you gotta fix this pronto.


In case of problems you have when syncing files, refer to Transfer HD contents (music, video, photo) to HTC Windows Phone 8X for help.


Storage: how many movies does HTC Windows Phone 8X hold?

First of all – no removable storage. Yes, we know lots of manufacturers are doing away with SD slots to force us to go to the cloud but for lots of us, there is a real pleasure in being able to have music and video stored locally in one place. We shouldn't be forced to stream.


With that in mind, 16GB seems like a really paltry amount. And to add insult to injury, Microsoft has just added MicroSD support to Windows Phone 8, so there really is no excuse here. Anyway, at least you can fill the 16GB of storage up with your own content, right?

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