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How to put a Blu-ray or DVD movie to Sony Xperia Tablet S 16GB/32GB



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Sony Xperia Tablet S lets you get your hands on an all access pass to endless entertainment. It is an ultimate universal remote, offering one-touch power-up and complete control of your TV, cable box and more. Now that you've got a Sony Xperia Tablet S, you should not miss the video playback on the slab. A 9.4-inch touch screen with 1280 x 800 resolutions is pretty good for movie playback. You can easily copy a movie from DVD or Blu-ray Disc and transfer the movie to Sony Xperia Tablet S via its USB drive mode. Here’s a guide for you to follow:


Sony Xperia Tablet S


How to put a DVD or Blu-ray movie to Sony Xperia Tablet S

Before we start you’d better get a tool- Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper, which hacks DVD and Blu-ray Disc and rips movies to MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, etc with flexible settings. Go ahead to download a Blu-ray Ripper trial (Windows XP/2000/Vista/7) and see how it works with your Sony Xperia Tablet S.


Step 1. Click “Add” to load Blu-ray Disc or DVD. Keep your computer networked so that ByteCopy can access CSS and AACS keys to crack the DVD/Blu-ray copy-protections. Also note that a Blu-ray Disc drive is required to read BD.

Step 2. Unfold the movie directory and select Main movie.


Blu-ray to Sony Xperia Tablet S


Step 3. Select preferred language from drop-down list of “Subtitles” and “Audio” box.

Step 4. Click “Format” bar and select “Common Video>> “H.264 Video (*.mp4)” format. The format keeps original video resolution (1920x1080 for Blu-ray and 720x480 for DVD) while shrinking a movie to 2-3GB. To further compress movie file size you can click “Settings” and set video bitrate to 1000-2000kbps.

Step 5. Click “Convert” to rip a Blu-ray or DVD movie for Sony Xperia Tablet S. When conversion completes click the "Open" button to find the converted .mp4 movie and transfer the movie to Sony Xperia Tablet S.


How to copy a movie to Sony Xperia Tablet S using USB Drive mode

You can copy movie from computer to your Sony Xperia Tablet S by putting your device in USB Drive mode. In this mode, the Xperia Tablet S appears as a removable hard drive to your desktop computer.

Step 1. Connect Sony Xperia Tablet S to your computer using the USB cable.

Step 2. On your Xperia Tablet S, tap USB Drive. On your computer, your device appears as a removable drive.

Step 3. On a Windows computer, if the Found New Hardware wizard opens, click Cancel to close the wizard.

Step 4. Open My Computer, double click the drive representing Xperia Tablet S; and drag and drop files to Xperia Tablet S folders.


You may also transfer iTunes movie collections to Xperia Tablet S!

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