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Play VOB files on PS3 – Menus, VOB merge, and Streaming issues



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As a decent Blu-ray player, the PS3 is trouble free for playing physical DVDs. The thing is, we usually want digital media instead of physical. Many people find way cracking and ripping DVDs to VOB format, hoping to save the time hunting for favorite movie among tons of discs. But people are also having problems with these .vob files, especially PS3 owners. Let’s see what the problems are and how people fix them.


VOB stream to PS3


1. “Data Type Not Supported” error

I've been ripping DVDs into *.vob format to use on computer with no problem. But when I tried playing them on Playstaion 3 in the air, the PS3 displays an error “Data Type Not Supported”...


Workaround: Try rename .vob to .mpg or .mp4. If this doesn’t work, you can convert .vob files to .mp4. I rip all my DVDs to MP4, then stream to PS3 using PS3MediaServer. If you have a big enough HD on the PS3 you can store them on it, it plays MP4 natively.


2. Menu is not working

“I ripped DVD's and copied the VOB's in to an FAT32 formatted external HD and connected it to the PS3 player. The movies are playing but after each VOB at the end, the movie is pausing. I tried play all files and still isn’t helping. I am not able to select PLAY movie thru the menu. The menu button isn’t working. Is there a way to play them all thru the menu?”


Workaround: The PS3 will not play disc images off the hard drive and treat them like the original. It's normal that you lose DVD menu. If you access a VOB file directly, you've bypassed the menu. Also, if you leave them all in pieces, you will pause at the end of each VOB. You can merge multiple VOB files into one large VOB though, but keep in mind that anything larger than 4GB is not compatible with FAT32 system.


Another way is to make an exact backup of your DVD, and play the physical media. I have backed all my DVDs up to a home theater PC, where they are still treated like the original.


3. Lose audio when streaming

“I'm having problems streaming a .VOB file onto my PS3. I'm not having a problem streaming pictures, audio, and video files such as SVCD and some MPG2's, but when I go to stream a .vob the picture is always there, but sometimes there won't be any audio, i.e. I ripped 20 min. from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and streamed it to the PS3. I got A/V. I ripped one hour of the movie and still got A/V, I then ripped the entire movie minus the end credits and only got video. In comparison I ripped 20 min. of Event Horizon and only got video.”


Workaround: Use media server like TVersity to stream .vob to PS3. VOBs can contain multi-channel Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio, which can’t be encoded by PS3. The TVersity media server converts the audio in the air so that the videos will be handled properly on PS3.


Some limits for playing single .VOB-files on your PS3:

- You can not choose subtitles, audio-track or anything else.

- It has to be a set of single .VOB-files.

- Menu and chapter info are lost.


Another choice to stream DVD movies to PS3:

Other than ripping a DVD to a set of .VOB files, you can also convert the entire movie into one .MP4 file, which is a standard DLNA streaming media format that is naturally supported by PS3. Ripping DVD to MP4 also means less errors – PlayStation Media Server can not transcode the idx/sub format, and that is a cause for the “Data type not supported” error. When ripping DVD to MP4 you can have the subtitles hardcoded to the screen to avoid subtitles problems.


Here’s a short guide on how to rip DVD to MP4:

Convert DVD to MP4


1. Load movies from DVD-ROM to Pavtube DVD Ripper.

2. Select main movie and then the subtitle language you’d like to keep.

3. Select Common Video >> H.264 Video (*.mp4) profile from the drop-down list of Format bar.

4. Press the big Convert button to start ripping DVD.


Wait till conversion ends, then press Open button to find converted movie. Add the ripped movie to PS3 media server. Done. Now start up your PS3 and browse to the movie to play whenever you like.

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