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Watch 1080p Blu-ray ISO movies on iPhone 5 in 16:9 display aspect ratio



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As Apple put it, the iPhone 5 is apparently “the biggest thing happen to iPhone since iPhone” – even when you haven’t heard of the powerful A6 CHIP, 8-megapixel iSight camera with panaroma, and iOS 6, you can tell the difference from its bigger and slimmer display. The display of the 6th generation Apple smartphone iPhone 5 is "slightly taller than the iPhone 4S screen. It has a 1135 X 640 (326 pixels per inch) pixel resolution and a 16:9 screen ratio, which make it better for watching widescreen movies."


Sure, with 326 ppi, everything looks amazing, even the 1080p full HD movies. You might have purchased and download lots of HD 720p and 1080p movies from iTunes store, some of these movies, although you might have purchased a physical DVD or Blu-ray disc sets, for digital copy collection purpose, you pay again for them. The fact is, you don’t really have to purchase them – with a Blu-ray ripper you can easily rip these HD 1080p Blu-rays to iPhone 5 formatted .mp4 video with customized size and quality. 480p DVDs with the original aspect ration 3:2, 1.78:1 and 2.35:1 can also be ripped to 720p video that plays on iPhone 5. One key point is, few Blu-ray/DVD rippers keep the 16:9 aspect ratio as Pavtube Blu-ray ripper does. The following guide tells how to convert movies from Blu-ray ISO, Blu-ray disc and DVDs to iPhone 5 formatted 16:9 widescreen video to fit the screen best.


How to convert Blu-ray/DVD to video plays full screen on iPhone 5:

Step 1. Run the Blu-ray/DVD to iPhone 5 ripper, and load Blu-ray/DVD/Blu-ray ISO/DVD ISO file to the software.


Blu-ray to iPhone 5 Ripper


Step 2. Select the main movie and then set desired audio& subtitles language.


Step 3. Select iPhone 5 video format from the drop-down profile list of “Format” bar.

In case that you can’t find iPhone 5 format: Download profile patch that consist iPhone 5 optimized presets. Double-click to install the presets.


Step 4. Press the big Convert button to start ripping Blu-ray/DVD to iPhone 5 playable videos. After conversion you can add the ripped movie to iTunes and sync movies to iPhone 5.


How to manually stretch DVD/Blu-ray movie to fit the 16:9 screen:

Custom video to fit iPhone 5 full screen play mode: click on “Settings” and set video size to 1135 X 640. If you rip 16:9 Blu-ray movie, just leave the bitrate to 1920x1080.


Blu-ray to iPhone 5 Ripper


How to crop black bars on top and bottom of the image and still keep 16:9 aspect ratio:


Blu-ray to iPhone 5 Ripper


1. On the main interface, press “Edit” to enter video editor. Switch to “Crop” tab.

2. Click on the Keep Ration lock.

3. Select 16:9 from the Operation Ratio box.

4. Crop out the black bars by 16:9. This may sacrifice some image on left and right side.

5. Click “OK”, back to the main interface and go on ripping DVD/Blu-ray/ISO to iPhone 5 video.  

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