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Enable Samsung Galaxy S3 to play Digital Copy Movies



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The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a whopping 4.8-inch 720p-resolution display and great battery life, which makes the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone a great video player to play HD movies. However, sometime something goes wrong when you're trying to put a Digital Copy movie on Samsung Galaxy S3, and you may have got the similar problems as below:


Playing Digital copy movies on the Samsung Galaxy S3 – Anyway to load and play digital copies onto my android phone? I have the Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Digital Copy Download Not Working? I downloaded a digital copy of a movie and I copied the file onto my phone's folders where my other movies are, and when I went to play it on my galaxy s3, it gave me error "Sorry, video cannot be played." Why and how can I get it to work?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I was wondering if I am able to transfer some digital copy movies (comes with my Blu-ray and DVD disc) on it so I can watch them from the cell phone.

As far as I know, in order to transfer Digital Copies to Samsung Galaxy S3 for playing back, you may have to strip DRM protection and convert Digital Copy to Samsung Galaxy S3 playable format MPEG4 or H.264 first. As you see, the movie industry uses DRM(Digital Rights Management) to lock down the video on the Digital Copy. The Digital Copy, however, will not play on unauthorized devices due to DRM copy protection. Unfortunately the Android devices have not get a license to play DRM contents, which means Digital Copy movies will not even play on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

To get Digital Copy work normally on Samsung Galaxy S3, Pavtube ChewTune is recommed here. It can help you fast get rid DRM from Digital Copy movies. Besides, the DRM remover and converter will also make free iTunes movies out of DRM-protected contents. Meanwhile the playback of the converted videos is as decent as possible as original. Just free download it and follow the tutorial below to download and put Digital Copy movies to Samsung Galaxy S3.

Convert Digital Copy movies for Samsung Galaxy S3 playing back

1. Free download and run the excellent Digital Copy Converter to your PC, add your Digital Copy movies to the program.


Note: Make sure you have transferred Blu-ray/DVD Digital Copy to computer, if not, you can take a guide here as reference.

2. Choose Video format for Samsung Galaxy S3. You can click "Format" and select " Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100)(*.mp4)" from "Samsung" category. The preset profile is specially designed for Galaxy S2 but also works for the S3.

The supported resolution of Samsung Galaxy S3 goes up to 1080p, though video playback and most apps never break out of 720p. For watching videos on the android phone, 720p with 1500~2000kbps is just all right. Remember bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss. Below is the best format settings for Samsung Galaxy S3:


3. After the above steps, start the process by removing Digital Copy DRM restriction and converting Digital Copy to Samsung Galaxy S3 supported videos.

When the conversion finishes, you can click "Open" to locate the DRM-free MP4 video files. And then you can simply use the Samsung Desktop Software to transfer DRM-free Digital Copy movies videos to Samsung Galaxy S3 for enjoying with ease.



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