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Best 10 Android Music and Video Players Review 2012

Whether one’s bitten by the movie bug or not, it isn’t surprising to see ears plugged-in with earphones on roads or even while traveling using public transport. If you are an Android user and want to put the stock player at bay, then here are the top 10 Android music and video players for your choice.


Best Music Players for Android smartphones

For people like me, with large music collections, the desire for better sound quality, broader format support, and some customization options, I recommend PlayerPro, PowerAMP, and Audiogalaxy. Although, as a platform, the new Amazon Cloud Player is pretty great for just about any type of music fan.


1. PlayerPro

Player Pro


Highlights include the capability to search, download, and save lyrics; single or group tag editing; a DSP plug-in featuring a 10-band graphic equalizer with 15 default presets and customizable presets; music stats and smart playlists; social network integration and scrobbling; and lots of customizable interface options like different skins and navigation layouts, five home-screen widgets, and two lock-screen widgets with customizable control options.

Price: $4.99 (free five-day trial)


2. Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player


The Cloud Player built into Amazon.com's MP3 Store app isn't very exciting as a player, but as a whole system of buying, storing, and playing, it's tough to beat. Basically you store your music--MP3s or AACs--on a personal Amazon Cloud Drive and you can either stream or download them to your device. The player, which really just does playback, can be used to play files stored on your device, too. And if you purchase music from Amazon, you can choose whether it stays on the Cloud Drive (and it doesn't count against your storage) or lives on your device.

Price: Free (5GB cloud storage; more storage is available for a yearly fee)



3. PowerAMP



The main reason to get this player is for its built-in 10-band graphic equalizer for all supported formats (of which there are many, including FLAC), presets, custom presets, and per-song/per-output preset assignment as well as separate volume, bass, and treble adjustments. The difference in audio quality alone is worth the price, but the player is otherwise well appointed with a flashy but functional interface, easy access to files and playlist creation, tag editing, and four theme options.

Price: $4.99 (free 15-day trial)



4. Audiogalaxy



If you're not down with "the cloud" but still want access to more music than your device can store, check out Audiogalaxy. You download a bit of server software to the computer where your music collection lives and put the Audiogalaxy app on your device. Then, as long as both the computer and the device are connected to the Web, you can play whatever is stored on your computer. It kills your battery and you have to leave your computer running for it to work, but otherwise it's just awesome. For those who like to share what they're listening to, Facebook and Twitter buttons are built in, but otherwise the player is pretty stock.

Price: Free


Best Movie Players for Android tablets

Built-in video player on Android devices (tablet or smartphone) provides basic video and audio playback functionality with limited codec support, while third-party movie players let you enjoy HD videos and even flashes without stuttering problems. If you find the stock player on your Android tab is not designed for you, have a try with the following movie players on your Android.


5. MX Video Player

MX Player


One of this app's standing out features is its support for almost any file format. While I have seen some apps that will support certain video file formats, they will often be pixelated or aliased. This app, on the other side, plays them as if they were natively supported. I tried playing some flv files on this video player (on a device where flv files are not natively supported), and the video looked as good as ever. It also supports various types of subtitles (DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle tracks).

Price: Free


6. Mobo Video Player Pro

Mobo Player


MoboPlayer is a cool alternative video player for your Android phone. Again, this media player supports a wide variety of file formats and SRT, SMI plug-in subtitle and MKV embedded subtitle videos. The ability to change the aspect ratio proves to be very handy if your videos are in a plethora of different resolutions, as it ensures that the full size of your screen is taken advantage of every time. Its best feature is its simple user interface and the ability to play almost any video you throw at it. Overall it is a very solid contender to entrust with your video collection.

Price: Free


7. doubleTwist Player



It's clean, easy to use, and easily beat out other apps with seamless functionality. DoubleTwist servers as an all-in-one music, podcast, radio, video & sync app, it lets you sync music to your phone from your Mac/PC over USB or AirSync over WiFi; download legal, high-quality album artwork for your music; provides you smart Play lists for easy access to your top rated songs; and stream music, videos and photos to the Xbox 360, PS3, Sonos, and Apple TV (black model; AirPort Express not yet supported). I have loved this app from day one streaming to Xbox is flawless, only minor issue is not supporting a couple of video formats but I use this everyday awesome stuff.

Price: Free


8. Real Player

Real Player


RealPlayer for Android makes it easy to organize, play and share all your media on the go with voice search. From an intuitive interface and home screen widgets to playlist editing and voice controlled search, RealPlayer for Android is backed by RealNetworks, dedicated to bringing you the ultimate media experience. Listen to music your way with the popular media player for music, video and photos. Features include an equalizer, metadata discovery, crossfading, auto bookmarking of videos and playlists for a personalized music experience.

Price: Free


9. Winapp



Winamp for Android offers a complete music management solution featuring wireless desktop sync (latest Winamp Media Player required), iTunes library import, and access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast. With Winapp you can play, manage and sync music from your Mac or PC to your Android device.

Price: Free


10. Smart SWF Player- Flash Viewer

SWF Player


Smart SWF Player is a tool application to play flash file(.swf) stored locally on the device (including sd-card).with it, to play and run swf files is now possible and easy. If you like flash animations, games, apps you will need it. You need to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin before using this player.

Price: Free


If, however, you have videos that can not play in any of the above mentioned player, get a Video Converter and encode your video to H.264 .mp4. You may also rip protected DVD/Blu-ray movies to Google Nexus 10 and other Android tablets.


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