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Transfer or Copy Photos, Music, Videos and More to Droid X

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With a USB cable, you can easily connect Droid X to your computer. (If you are the first time to connect your Droid X to PC, you will be reminded of installing the Motorola Drive. Just install it. And do not forget to insert your memory card into your Droid X.)

Step-by-step guide on how to transfer or copy photos, music and more to Droid X:

Step 1: Mount Motorola Droid X to you computer via USB.

Step 2: Take the Droid X and go to Notifications (there are two ways you can realize it: Touch the nitification bar at the top of the Droid X’s screen and drag it down, or press Menu  - > Notifications). Then touch USB connection.

droid x usb connection

Next, touch USB Mass Storage and press OK. The computer will read the handset as an external drive.

Once your SD card is mounted on your computer, you can easily open the memory card in My computer/Computer.

Step 3: Transfer/copy photos, music or movies from your computer to the Droid X. If you want to easily select your videos/movies on Droid X, you can create a file named photo, movie or music in the root folder on the Droid X.

Step 4: Unmount SD card. After the photos, music and movies are transferred to Motorola Droid X, you can eject the drive.


That’s it! Now you can play movies and music on your Droid X as well as see photos using its Gallery app. The media files should look fantastic on the Droid X’s screen if the original sources are of good or high quality.


A few things to keep in mind when copying videos or movies on Droid X for playback:

* The video or movie formats TiVo, WMV/WMV HD, MKV, AVI, MTS, M2TS, QuickTime MOV, DivX, MXF, TS, etc can not directly play on Motorola Droid X. Therefore, you have to convert the videos or movies to the Droid X compatible formats MP4. A professional Video Converter for Droid X will be your nice choice that helps you convert video to Droid X supported formats MPEG-4, H.264, H.263. The online help will teach you how to convert and transfer video to Droid X.

* Motoroal Droid X doesn’t like video file sizes over 2GB. Just lower video file size before transferring or copying.

* To set your videos’ width and height to a maximum of 854*480 if the source is over 854*480. Video H.264 (*.mp4) at 1500 bitrate 23.97 frame rate with 854*480 for Motorola Droid X is recommended here.


Hopefully you will have a wonderful experience on your Motorola Droid X!


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