Customer Reviews:

Your software is very good & produces excellent results. I'm very impressed with the number of available output formats as well!
-- Mikael, June 4, 2012

I installed AMD 12.2 drivers for my WIndows7-64 OS with an AMD 7950 video card and Pavtube 4.0.5 now I can do AMD GPU encoding! I can now click on the CUDA/AMD icon and check mark AMD. My test file encode time went for 89 seconds without the AMD icon lit down to 47 seconds with the icon lit - almost half! Also, the file size went from 134MB down to 60MB and I can't see any difference in image quality. Your AMD support works great now with AMD 12.2 drivers on my 7950, thanks Pavtube
-- Anonymous, March 22, 2012

I really like the software. The main reason I bought it was the VERY user friendly interface. It's very simple and direct. I'm a film student, and it converts all my footage to a small file size, which anyone will tell you is a lifesaver for any hard drive. There was one other converter I was looking at, but yours won.
-- Kevin, March 26, 2010